For The Love of Jack Son

There is a reason we are Dallas Dwellers. We love seeing what a strong community Dallas is, and when one of our own has a need we come together and help.

Thanksgiving morning a man who is very dear to the Dallas food, fashion, and arts community had a stroke that left him in ICU for an extended period of time. Like so many he didn't have health insurance, and he has not only had to worry about getting better, he also has to think about how he is going to pay for that life saving care. This is a lesson to all of us.

Jack Son has always been there for so many people, and now it was time for them to step up for him. His "tribe" organized For The Love of Jackson - an amazing event where everyone came together and celebrated this very special man.

We are so glad that he is a fighter, and is getting better every day. We love you Jack Son!

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