Hospitality at Hatties

The best thing about living in a neighborhood like Oak Cliff is that it truly is a neighborhood. We have our own bakeries,meat markets,artists,and best of all we have restaurants that serve everything from thick juicy burgers (Hunkys) to vegetarian (Spiral Diner).

I feel very fortunate to be able to drive less than a mile and be able to experience food and dining that I think is some of the best in the US. As a foodie I've had some remarkable meals but when I want to "come home" I go to Hattie's. Imagine an experience where you can feast with your eyes as well as your palette. Hattie's is an anchor of the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff and is a destination not to be missed. The restaurant is very Southern - from it's hospitality to it's menu but with a contemporary twist. The owner is usually there to welcome you, we have fallen in love with Sam who fixes us the best drinks in town (and remembers us the next time we visit and what we love to drink!)and the wait staff has always been very knowledgeable about the menu and generous with their recommendations.

The menu? Heaven on a plate. If you have never sampled Fried Green Tomatoes, this is the place to experience them. I've ordered them more times than I care to admit and they have been perfection every time. Even something as simple as the house salad is something to fall in love with, and I have.

Don't overlook the specials, because they are typically designed around the freshest ingredients available. I went in last week planning on ordering the prerequisite fried green tomatoes and a salad, but after hearing about the Porterhouse steak and bean medley I had to try it. And I wasn't disappointed -the portions were large enough that I had some to throw some on the grill and enjoy the next day.Call me crazy, but I have decided my personal diet plan is if I am going to put it in my mouth it is going to be something I enjoy and the freshest, best, most favorable item that I can find. Hattie's makes it easy, and that is one of the reasons I go back as often as possible.

If you aren't as fortunate as I am to live in the neighborhood you should at least check out their website. The photography is spectacular and it will give you a great excuse to come and visit.

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