I should have called a Realtor®

One of the things I love about Oak Cliff is that there are people who have lived in this area for generations which is very unusual for a "new" city like Dallas. My home was built in 1942 and it's been really fun to meet people who know the entire history of my home.

Because these people have never been active in the housing market they have no clue about what their home is worth, and to be honest most have no interest in moving but are at the age they are worried about what will happen to their dependents. This lack of knowledge about what their properties are worth is creating unfortunately a perfect opportunity for so-called real estate investors to prey on these people and talk them out of their homes.

I've heard from various neighbors about real estate investors coming to their doors, telling them that because of the condition of their homes the city wants to condemn them. But because these folks want to be good citizens they are willing to help them out and buy the home for literally pennies on the dollar so they won't lose their homes.

Honestly some of these people might be better off selling because they are getting to an age where keeping up a home and large piece of property is too much for them. But where the problem lies is that these companies are not offering fair market value so they are intimidating the owners into selling at a price that allows these groups to "flip" the homes before they even close on them for a 50% to 100% and up profit.

If these homeowners had any idea about the services that Realtors® offer, they might have been saved from the heartbreaks they have had to endure. A Realtor® is a professional that makes their living off of the sale of your home at a fair price - they are willing to do the research to let you know what your home realistically is worth and an honest expectation of what you can expect to receive at the closing table .Their interests are your interests and by doing the homework and the legwork if you do want to sell they can help you get through the process in a stress-free, positive way.

My favorite Oak Cliff Realtor® is Lisa Kleypas a team member of the very successful Cox + Partners team. I would say that Lisa loves Oak Cliff as much as I do, but honestly she probably loves it more. When I first got to really know Lisa she had a career and was a success story that most of us can only dream of achieving. But to find out more about Lisa and how she ended up helping people find the perfect home you will either have to contact Lisa or come back here :)

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